Top 21 Online ESL Teaching Jobs

English as a Second Language (ELL) refers to the teaching of language skills to non-native speakers. Every country has a different process for acquiring and certifying teachers for ELL classes. Certification programs vary in length and rigor. It can be tricky finding an ESL job, but staying motivated and keeping your expectations realistic can help you succeed.

Here’s a shortlist of the best online English teaching jobs:

What are the best companies for teaching English online?

  1. GoGoKid
  2. DaDa
  3. iTutorGroup
  4. Skooli
  5. Magic Ears
  6. BlaBla EdTech
  7. Whales English
  8. Preply
  9. Stewart English

Employers look for certified ESL teachers with a bachelor’s degree; however, some institutions accept bachelor’s degrees with ELL courses as electives. Certification is the most common way to teach English as a second language. After completing a certification program, you must pass an exam in order to gain certification. Even after earning your certification, you’ll want to spend time networking in your area of interest to find Employment Visa sponsorship for your country of origin. This way, you won’t get stuck with a crappy job or no job at all.

Starting salary can vary based on where you live and how many students in your class. The general rule of thumb is that smaller towns pay less than larger cities; however, some employers pay more in large cities than they do in smaller towns. Some cities and towns also have lower cost of living than others- this can affect your take-home pay significantly. You can find out approximate average pay for ELL instructors by running searches on Jobs4Teachers or ESL Jobs Online. You may also want to contact your regional branch of the American Federation of Teachers for local salary information.

Educating yourself on the local job market is another important step towards finding an ESL teaching job. You should know how many ELL teachers are currently working in your area, how many are looking for jobs, and how many schools are currently enrolling English learners in their classes. You should also familiarize yourself with any ELL teacher associations so you can stay up to date with local events and job opportunities. This will give you the inside edge when it comes time to apply for positions in your field!

Finding an ESL teaching job may be difficult, but it’s well worth the effort! Follow these tips to ensure you’re prepared for a successful application process: – Get certified if that’s what employers are looking for – Search local schools – Find ELL teacher associations Regularly updating yourself on the local job market is also crucial!

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