Complete Student and Teacher Guide: Online ESL Courses

English is the official language in businesses and is used by almost 400 million individuals worldwide in addition to being the main language of 50 countries. It is indeed understandable that so many individuals desire to acquire a second language as well as hone their talents in it. You can achieve this with an online program.

Several educational institutes provide English-taught courses. Therefore, it might be quite helpful to enhance your language skills if you intend to study any part of the globe so you can comprehend the class content and even pass the IELTS exam.

Similar to this, understanding how the different examinations function can be helpful if you’re educating  to others.

You may acquire all the necessary knowledge you require in one location by learning online. You can access your account virtually anywhere and learn whenever it’s most practical for you.


Udemy aspires to educate students on every subject! Even though not all of them are from prestigious schools, there are a lot of outstanding online ESL courses available.

Although not all the courses on Udemy are free, there are plenty that are. Even now the lessons that cost money can be affordable.


Present EngVid. Eleven English teachers have created a series of much more than one thousand tutorial videos for English language students of all levels. Topic, skillset, and (clearly) teacher are used to structure the online ESL courses. Here, you’re likely to connect with at least one teacher.

Let’s Talk

All of the excellent, thorough English educational videos in Let’s Talk are available on YouTube for free.

There are many hundreds of movies available that cover just about every aspect of the English language. There are movies on verb conjugations, words for fatigue, words you could hear on the radio but also numerous idiomatic phrases, for example.


On FutureLearn, communication between students enrolled in the same programs is encouraged. The majority of the online ESL courses are offered on predefined time schedules and last six to ten weeks.

Canvas Connection, which integrates its programs with those of supporting institutions, is supported by universities. While some lessons have set end and start times, others are designed to be completed at the student’s pace.

U. S. Learns

U.SLearns offers adults an excellent, thorough, and cost-free ESL education. In addition to reading and writing, there are many instructions for speaking and hearing. Additionally, exams are offered so you can gauge your progress.

Resources for online ESL Courses

Looking for ways that your students can independently practice their English? Here are a few social media sites and online activities they can use to practice their English in entertaining and engaging ways moving forward:

Foreign Language and ESL Games

Online games are a terrific way to start learning a new language. Playful matching games are a great way for both children and adults to learn new phrases and words.

Idiom Games for ESL Learning

American idioms and phrases play a significant role in American culture. Even though idioms, as well as slang, are less common in professional communication and speech, they can still infiltrate the language and confuse readers who are unfamiliar with them. To better understand the idiomatic meanings, many ESL students play idiom game-based learning. Play these idiom puzzles!

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