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Common mistakes that could impact your booking rates that parents complain about. First, make sure you really review your grammar before class. Review it again and again until you get it down. Secondly, Make sure you are teaching phonics correctly. Next, waiting for students patiently while they are trying to answer a question. Fourth, teachers have flat classes and they are boring. Use rhythm and rhyme in your classroom.

ESL Curriculum to Teach Kids

Go into the class with a positive attitude. Just bring it. I always correct my students. I do it immediately for someone that is making a lot of mistakes. If the student is shy do not do it all the time you may make them cry. Make the students say things in complete sentences. This is very important to parents. Sing the vocabulary or use rhythm at the end and say the last word 3 times. Ask your students a lot of questions.

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I have been teaching ESL for 17 years.

I have taught over 32,500 (25-minute classes) the last 4 years. I hope this helps. Please put any comments in the comment section.

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