Online ESL Curriculum for Beginner: The Ultimate List: Steps to Plan

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Many people don’t have a strategy or organization when they begin learning new words. They merely strive to hear unfamiliar phrases and rapidly memorize them. But most of this knowledge is gone within a short while. Learning English is made more difficult by learners’ frequent inability to recall the appropriate words at the appropriate time.

A policy is a strategy to carry out an extended objective. Additionally, you will undoubtedly benefit from these vocabulary-building techniques as you continue to study a new language.

A thoughtfully designed TEF/TESOL new curriculum directs your ESL curriculum as a teacher and gives pupils quantifiable goals. Even the best educators occasionally lack the time to create original lesson plans. Luckily, there are a few excellent websites on which you can acquire top-notch free ESL teaching strategies, such as ChitChat2Fluency and Off2Class.

Let’s examine why lesson planning is essential for teaching English both individually and online, how or when to create your ideas, and the best websites for accessing free ESL teaching materials.

Steps to prepare a coaching plan for ESL beginner students

Recognize your student

Are you instructing either adults or children? Even if they are only beginning to study the language, adults might need to analyze business English because teenagers may not respond well to studying nursery rhymes.

For Children

Use a selection of activities and games when working with kids. The British Council claims that young children naturally pick up new languages. Honestly, all students must see is how much fun the English class is!

For Teenagers

Encourage teen learners to interact with classmates by asking them about concerns and having them speak about themself.

For Adults

They will frequently need to communicate informally and possess specialized terminology in commercial settings. Therefore, if you’re teaching engineers, include pertinent phrases in your

teaching materials, using jargon if necessary.

Develop a Plan

What do you expect your starting students to be capable of doing by the conclusion of the class? is the overarching question that you must ask yourself before you begin creating lessons for students. This may include the things kids will be free to pronounce, comprehend, read, as well as write.

Keep in mind that they are beginners, therefore you will need to view things from their point of view. What abilities are required for them to accomplish their linguistic objectives? If you’ve thought through the solutions, you can proceed backward and break the entire lesson down into its essential parts.

Find resources

You’ll need specific supplies for every course, including paper, handouts, markers, a projection, or the use of particular digital tools. To ensure that you don’t neglect to prepare the required supplies for class, a core curriculum is a fantastic location to include all of the necessary materials for a course. It’s crucial to take into account the resources that the school or language institution where you work can offer and to adapt your teaching materials to any constraints. ESL teachers must ensure that the resources they select are appropriate for the virtual classroom.

Here are several helpful websites that provide free-of-cost basic online ESL curricula for beginners, along with suggestions for activities and download resources to accompany them.


British Council


Busy Teacher


You won’t again have to stress about time restrictions or a lack of creativity again when it relates to classroom preparation that now you understand where to get excellent free ESL lesson plans. They can make your job as a teacher very much simpler, whether you intend to employ these pre-made curricula as-is, modify them to fit your unique teaching style, as well as simply acquire ideas for an amazing ESL curriculum for beginners to create your own.

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