Top 10 ESL Curricular Materials for Kids, Teaches English as a Foreign Language

ESL Curriculum Materials for Kids – Teach English as a Second Language to Children from Kindergarten through Grade 5.

This site offers free ESL curriculum materials for children in kindergarten through grade five. The materials include lesson plans, worksheets, games, and other resources that will help teachers teach English to kids in this age group.

The Top 10 ESL Curriculums:

  1. Pinterest
  2. British Council
  4. ESL Partyland
  5. My ESL Corner
  6. The Internet TESL Journal
  8. ThoughtCo
  9. ESL Galaxy

Discover How to Create a Fun Learning Environment.

Teaching children how to learn is an essential part of any teacher’s job. It’s also one of the most challenging parts because there are so many different ways to approach teaching. One of the easiest ways to make learning fun is by creating a positive environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and expressing themselves.

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