Everything to Teach ESL from beginning to end. This will help your
child to grow and have fun! This is your Online ESL Solution

ChitChat2Fluency (LIVE) - 600+ Lessons -All Levels


Why Choose ChitChat2Fluency

Unlike many online ESL courses for kids, my courses are tested lessons that chit chat kids to fluency. My experienced-based online teaching (I’ve taught over 32,500 online ESL classes to kids) to make solid connections with students, create a unique in-classroom system based on my teaching style and break down each part of your class so I can analyze what I’m doing to help students improve. As a graduate of ChitChat2Fluency, 100% Guarantee your child’s success.

Sight Words + Word families + Reading Lessons

Number of Lessons 170
Phonics Lessons 24
Grammar Lessons 18

Holiday,Country, City, Landform, and Animal
Number of Lessons 120

Learning Disciplines
It includes Sight Words + Word families + Reading Lessons, Phonics, Grammar,
Holiday,Country, City, Landform, and Animal and Much More!

Build a Solid Foundation in ESL with the
1# Curriculum for Kids

Student will have fun and grow with the Best Teachers in the Industry

Meet our teacher


18 experience in the ESL Education
Taught over 6,300 Students

342 West Lucille Lane,
Rotterdam, New York 12306

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